Friday, 15 November 2013

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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Teenagers are having more sx than ever before and at an earlier age – and in ways their parents wouldn't dream....

Remember your first fumble in the dark? Sneaking around, hormones pumping, wrestling with clothing, the thrill of the illicit before crossing the threshold of first touch, first kiss, first sx. Memories of the first time are tinged with feelings of awkwardness, excitement and wistfulness. War stories and boasts of adolescent escapades form a key part of the narrative of our lives.
Yet the mention of teenage sx often sparks moral panic among older generations, convinced today's youngsters are more lascivious, morally looser and less responsible than they were. Urban myths abound, like rainbow parties where girls wearing different-coloured lipstick perform fellatio on the same boy, or sx bracelet parties where different-coloured bangles signify what you're up for (anything ranging from a hug to anal sx, apparently).